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Monte Fenera Park

Natural protected area of karts origin, where a high number of caves of speleogical, archeologic and palenteological value are situated, carrying with them important fossil remains of animals and traces belonging to the Neanderthal men.

The natural and fauna presence is considerably varied, as the protected area goes from the mountain envirnonment to the hills side, to end in the plan. Among the varied flora species here you will find the so called wild vine; among the animals important is the presence of the black stork.

The park offers several walking, bycicle and horses paths: the excursionist, through suggestive routes of different difficulties surrounded by nature and vineyards, will also meet important artistic and worship places.

Along the way, many information panels are placed to describe the territory and deepen the history related to Boca’s wine and its production, as well as the natural and historical features of the park.