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Momò Discovery

Momò Discovery is a non-profit group that was created to promote activities, excursions and trips within the Momò area and beyond.

The idea was created in July 2021 by a group of friends from Mendrisiotto, passionate about rediscovering and enhancing their local area and thus launched Momo Discovery group.

The aim is to propose at least one activity a month, ranging from excursions in the mountains to outdoor activities, including a few Appetisers and tastings.

This initiative was born in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic that has hit the world, radically changing our habits and the way we socialise.

This is another reason why Momò Discovery was created, to reintroduce the adventure and fun of sporting and recreational activities whilst in the company of others.

Our hope is bring people together through promoting sporting and recreational activities, supporting the economy of our Canton and promoting the Momò area.