Manzo brasato - The recipe

Ingredients for 10 people

2.5 kg of beef shoulder

200 gr of fresh lard

200 gr of carrots

200 gr of onions

100 gr of celery

1 garlic head

2-3 l of Merlot

5-6 leaves of laurel

6-7 cloves

200 gr of condensed tomato sauce

3-4 l of brown stock

100 gr of dried mushrooms

2 dl of peanut oil

300 gr of white flour

300 gr of butter

Salt and pepper



Stuff the meat with the fresh lard (if desired with a carrot in the middle).

Put in a bowl, add the vegetables cut in small cubes, the spices and the red wine.

Cover well, and let marinate for 2/3 days max. Remove the meat, dry well and coat it with flour, brown on all sides with hot oil. In a casserole, brown the vegetables and make the wine boil.

Add the condensed tomato sauce to the well browned vegetables, and cook a while longer. Add some of the clean boiled wine (use a colander).

Add the brown stock and then the meat, let cook for about 1 hour, then add salt. Blend the sauce with a mixer.

Cut the meat in pieces and cover with the sauce.