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What do you wanna eat today?

Discovering new food is a fundamental part of the tourist experience and Ticino certainly has a lot to offer. How many times did you wonder: “Where do we go for dinner?” “Where can we have some good local food?” “Is there an amazing spot for lunch nearby?”

Mangiami has the answers to all these questions and more. It will guide you through more than 180+ restaurants in Lugano and Mendrisiotto (soon in the whole region of Ticino) presented through the best business card ever: 2'200+ pictures of food & drinks - with descriptions and prices - and 700 images of the places themselves so you can really feel the ambiance.

Mangiami has a twofold strength: 
Every restaurant is divided by category, there is something for everyone’s taste buds, guaranteed! Also you can just simply search for a spot based on your location. 
What about an absolute novelty in the food world: looking for a specific dish and finding every single place that offers it with just one click.

So the next time when you really crave eating a specific dish, you can effortlessly find the perfect place that suits your taste and location. 

Pictures. Prices. Information. What are you waiting for?

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