Image 0 - Leventina Cheese Festival
Image 1 - Leventina Cheese Festival
Image 2 - Leventina Cheese Festival

Leventina Cheese Festival

Every September, at the foot of the St. Gotthard Pass, a rural traditional is faithfully continued. Indeed, for over 70 years, the mountain folk of Ambrì have been exhibiting their treasures: the cattle, back from pasture in the Alps, and the cheeses they have produced during the summer. This is a genuine country fair in a mountain locality and an opportunity for the people of the valley and lovers of home-grown traditions to come together. Hundreds of cattle are graded and put on display to be admired, awarded or sold, and there are numerous tastings of Leventina Alpine cheeses and stalls offering foods and hand-crafted products. An unmissable opportunity to discover the rural way of life and a must for anyone who appreciates nature and her tastiest fruits.