Le Gourmet

Piazza delle Corporazioni 2, 6600 Locarno, +41 91 752 32 55
Our party-service allows you to host and pamper your guests und be your own guest at the same time, without any hassle. Where and when you wish, you can be count on our professionals in the kitchen and in the service.

Count on us for any event you plan: a cocktail-party, a family reunion, a Ticinese buffet or a business meal: we make your wish come true, be it for 10 or 500 guests and more. We prov...

TYPES OF BUSINESS Other services, Catering company
Piazza delle Corporazioni 2, 6600 Locarno
Tel.: +41 91 752 32 55
Fax: +41 91 752 32 57
Mario Hüttenmoser