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La Grigna

The mountain group called Grigne is probabily the most famous in the "Prealpi" and with his unique profile It dominates the landscape of Lake Como. The group is divided in two little mountains: the Northern Grigna, usually called Grignone (2409 metres high) and Southern Grigna, usualli called Grignetta (2111 metres).

Grignone is easier and offers a lot of possibility for excursions with an amazing view on the Alps West Side. It's approachable by the lake from Mandello del Lario or from Valsassina and It's a very popular ski destination.

Grignetta is famous for its natural environment, the good net of paths and routes for unforgettable excursions.

Hospitality and good food are always available in the refuges and restaurants, some of these approachable by car, like those at "Piani Resinelli", some others at the end of easy or hard excursions.