Image 0 - Lötschberg-Centovalli Express
Image 1 - Lötschberg-Centovalli Express
Image 2 - Lötschberg-Centovalli Express

Lötschberg-Centovalli Express

The shortest connection between Bern and Lake Maggiore

The Lötschberg-Centovalli Express goes along the Lötschberg route, passing through the magnificent mountain scenery overlooking the Balmhorn, the Rinderhorn and the Blümlisalp massive.

After passing through one of Europe's highest railway tunnel, the journey continues down along the southern slope with a gradient of 22 to 27% in the Rhone Valley to Brig, and through the Simplon tunnel to Domodossola (crossing the border). Here you take the blue and white trains of Centovallina to Locarno.

On tracks that carry next to rocky gorges, waterfalls, through vineyards, chestnut forests and villages you can admire the landscape and vegetation changing over the seasons.


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