Image 0 - Il Bleu Ticinese – the ‘Ticino blue’
Image 1 - Il Bleu Ticinese – the ‘Ticino blue’
Image 2 - Il Bleu Ticinese – the ‘Ticino blue’
Image 3 - Il Bleu Ticinese – the ‘Ticino blue’

Il Bleu Ticinese – the ‘Ticino blue’

Ticino has a well-established cheese culture, with one traditional type being authentic goat’s cheese designated as “Capra Ticino”. Making a good goat’s cheese requires expertise, effort and love – but it’s well worth it as the cheese can be found in numerous delicious dishes. Mature formaggelle di capra and the wonderfully creamy büscion fresh cheese are both made in the Fattoria del Faggio in Sonvico. Enrico Rezzonica keeps over 100 goats here and offers, in addition to his cheeses, apéritifs and small events. And he has something very special for his visitors: Il Bleu Ticinese, a prize-winning blue cheese made in Ticino from goat’s milk. Soft and crumbly on the palate, and sweet with a sharp tang, this cheese truly is a new taste experience which can keep pace with the world’s very best other blue cheeses.