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Holiday Card - Lugano Lake Region


Discover the Holiday Card!
This discount card, in credit card format, is a great low-cost solution for exploring the Lugano Lake region and other corners of Ticino.

The card offers discounts for the following standard categories:

  • Guided excursions
  • Family
  • Transports
  • Culture
  • Lidos and public pools
  • Wellness and beauty
  • Tennis and squash
  • Other sports
  • Miscellaneous

The Holiday Card is valid for the duration of the guest stay and only for tourist staying in the Lugano Lake region. It must be complete with the rubber stamp (or name and address) of the hotel, landlord or regional Tourist Office, with the name of the guest as well as the respective dates of arrival and departure. All reductions can not be added to other discounts.

The Holiday Card is personal. On request the holder is obliged to present proof of identity.