Fratelli Meroni Sagl

Via Borgo Vecchio n.1-3, 6710 Biasca, +41 91 862 39 64

The Fratelli Meroni winery is based in Biasca, Ticino. For more than thirty years, Marco and Vincenzo have devoted their free time to their passion – growing grapes and winemaking.

The steady increase in the cultivated area (currently around 3 hectares) with the resulting increase in the quantity of wine produced has allowed the company's wine business to expand over the years. The vineyards, w...

WINE AND CELLARS Wine cellars, Tasting sessions
Via Borgo Vecchio n.1-3, 6710 Biasca
Tel.: +41 91 862 39 64
Mobile: +41 78 796 92 92
Meroni Marco e Vincenzo
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