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Fratelli Meroni Sagl

The Fratelli Meroni winery is based in Biasca, Ticino. For more than thirty years, Marco and Vincenzo have devoted their free time to their passion – growing grapes and winemaking.

The steady increase in the cultivated area (currently around 3 hectares) with the resulting increase in the quantity of wine produced has allowed the company's wine business to expand over the years. The vineyards, which are mainly rented, are located in the Riviera, Blenio and Leventina valleys, more precisely between Prosito and Semione, with some vineyards in Pasquerio, a hamlet in the municipality of Pollegio.

Over the years, the company has “created” new labels and greatly improved the quality of their wines thanks to the experience gained. A new red wine, produced using only the grapes matured in the Sprüch caves of Ludiano, will be available soon.

The company currently produces six red wines, one white wine and three wines as part of projects with other companies dotted across the canton.


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