Image 0 - Driving Emotion with a Ferrari

Driving Emotion with a Ferrari


You may have dreamed of driving a Ferrari... well, now your dream can come true!
Not only can you become a racing driver but you can test your skill behind the steering wheel of one of the fantastic Maranello "reds". Qualified instructors and splendid Ferrari Challenge cars will be at your disposal for a day at the Lodrino airstrip near Bellinzona. You can hire the strip exclusively for your event. Adjacent to the strip there is plenty of green space where you can set up gazebos for cocktail bars or, if you have participants who prefer other activities to driving a Ferrari, you can use the space for archery, go-kart races or team building activities.

After a briefing, the participants are given some theory (essential if you are going drive such a powerful car!) and then each driver takes the wheel accompanied by a racing driver and off they go! The dream has come true! It is also possible to organise small competitions to test individual driving skills. The instructors are all expert professionals, who compete in rallies and races. An additional bonus: the Monza racing track is only 30 minutes away from Lugano.