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Clublab Wedding


To plan a wedding means to help future spouses express the magic of their love story. A wedding planner’s task is a delicate one: for a couple in love, no other day is more important than their wedding day.

For this reason, everything must be utter perfection; and this is where Clublab Wedding comes in.

In planning a wedding, nothing can be left to chance. This is why I take care of many aspects myself every day and with great passion:

  • First meeting with the engaged couple, to get to know each other and discuss expectations together
  • Defining the desired style: do you see yourselves as a romantic or a daring couple? Do you lean towards “rural chic” with hints of “Indian hippie” or would you like a more metropolitan style?
  • Creativity for the event, in all its forms: thanks to my daily collaboration with a creative team, we will take care of all the communication materials for your wedding
  • Invitation and wedding favour suggestions: make sure that your day starts from the moment your guests receive their invitations to your wedding, and ensure that the wedding favours you choose will carry the magic of your special day in the future.
  • Scouting of venues which are tailored to your wedding: just tell me how many guests you expect, the location where you would like to get married and the time period and we will find the perfect location for you.
  • Choosing the catering and the floral arrangements: from choosing the menu to table decorations, nothing is left to chance, and everything is tailored to your needs.
  • Entertainment, design and staff dedicated to the event: from selecting the music to toplevel performers for the playlist, from taking care of the room design to choosing staff for the event
  • Coordination: I will always be with you, even during your wedding day without being intrusive, and I will discreetly take care of every detail to ensure that your special day is flawless.