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Classic race "trofeo Tomassini"



Recetto, the most prestigious body of water of Europe is, since 1999 the technical Federal Center of water ski, the training field of the Italian National Team.

The facility, located near the Sesia river, it’s equidistant from the north main cities (Turin, Milan and Novara) and includes 3 lakes specifically built for the water ski, which are 100 meters wide and 800 meters long.

Recetto has 3 slalom and figures fields, a trampoline, a mini-field for disabled athletes and some extra facilities like volleyball court and a camping area which can be both used by athletes and guests.

The towing boats are the water ski latest model built fabricated by the most illustrious companies of the world. The equipment can be rented.

Recetto hosted World Cups races in 2000, 2001 and 2002; the 2001 edition of the World Championships, many editions of the Disabled and Classic European Championships, several classic discipline Championships editions (bare feet and disables).

In 2014 the Italian Championships under21 and disabled took place and in 2016 Recetto hosted the European Championships and the Under14 and 17 Championships.

In 2017, from the 14th to the 16th of July there will be the classic race “Trofeo Tomassini”, an international competition of Slalom, figures and jump which has arrived at the 23rd edition

Other national races should take place in the Technical Federal Center, probably the Italian Championships of Classica and disabled disciplines.