Image 0 - Church of SS. Bernardino e Girolamo

Church of SS. Bernardino e Girolamo

The building, like the adjacent ex-convent of the Augustinian nuns, was rebuilt around 1450 on an existing Romanesque oratory (XI-XII century), enlarged in the second half of the seventeenth century and completely reworked inside in 1906. 
In 1968 some interventions were carried out to restore the few surviving elements of the Renaissance structure, such as the opening of the main door of the monastic hall and the approach of the high altar to the nave. 
The frescoes on the façade under the portico, depicting, among other things, a large St. Christopher, the Annunciation and the Veronica, date back to the second half of the 16th century. 
Inside there are some canvases, one of which dates back to 1752 and depicts the convent; on the left wall of the modern altar there is the ancient scagliola antependium attributed to the workshop of the Pancaldi family of Ascona (18th century) and two granite holy water stoups of local art from the 16th century. 
The organ, still in use today, by Giuseppe Rejna, dates back to 1746 and has valves painted in oil.
The intervention on the church is part of a complex restoration carried out by the architect Luigi Snozzi also on the adjacent former Augustinian convent with the aim of redeveloping the entire population.