Image 0 - Chapel in the valley floor

Chapel in the valley floor

In the countryside below the village of Lottigna stands a richly frescoed chapel. Restored in 1950, it represents a point of considerable interest both for its iconography and for the history of Lombard provincial art in the 15th century and demonstrates how in the past the Via bleniese del Lucomagno was one of the roads of the artists (Lombards, Campionese, Luganese) "travelling" through the European districts and ready to work in a simple chapel as if it were a city church.

On the back wall you can see the Crucifixion between the figures of St. John and Mary surrounded by St. Sebastian on the left and another saint in costume of the time on the right. In the blue vault the Savior enthroned with the animals symbolizing the evangelists on closed books and the angel representing St. Matthew on an open book. Along the left wall the Archangel St. Michael and St. Margaret on a blue background and in front of St. Bernardine with an open book with an inscription.

Next to the window, on the south wall, there is an important inscription for the attribution of the frescoes, for the identification of the patrons and the period of the paintings (1455): "Lombardus et Xpoforus de Lugano pincserunt", that is, a work by Cristoforo da Seregno and one of his partners.