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Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno

Working together brings success: collaborating successfully means being a united team, where everyone sustains, respects and relates efficiently with others. In this way the team can build and achieve a common project, linked to the company values.
We offer your company an innovative concept of training courses in the form of workshops lasting one or two days. The main purpose is to develop human resources by integrating different methodologies coming from psychology, counseling and nature's teachings.
They take place at the Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno (or another location, depending on weather and season) and offer: classroom and training in the nature, business counseling, catering, tasting of local products and, if necessary, accommodation.
Your trainers:
Sabrina Migani, Counselor in Transactional Analysis and Business Counselor, Founder of DREAMagent
Christian Bernasconi, Biologist, Director of the Pro Natura Lucomagno Center and of Pro Natura Ticino
The courses are a cooperation between the Pro Natura Lucomagno Center and DREAMagent with the aim of offering to companies training courses that promote the potential of the person, his well-being and his performance, and the protection and respect for nature, essential values for well-being and success.
Course recipients and objectives:
The concrete objectives will be customized according to the company's needs. For example they can be:
Recipients: collaborators
- Be aware of your attitude within the group
- Relate positively and effectively to others by avoiding negative conflicts
- Understand the importance of each member role in the group
- Learn to express expectations and needs and what is self-motivation
- Improve your performance by expressing your resources
- Apply these goals in your daily life
Recipients: team managers
- How to inspire your employees and create a close-knit and productive team
- Manage difficult relationships
- Motivate your collaborators
- Valuing collaborators and helping them to better express their resources
- Apply these goals in your daily life
For information and to organize a tailor-made workshop, contact:
Sabrina Migani
[email protected]
Tel. +41 79 459 16 30