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Clublab: what is essential is visible to the eye

Having Clublab organize your event means relying on team of industry professionals who dedicate their creativity, attention, and care to every customer request, every day.

What we do for you:

  • Together, we define a design brief for the event
  • We provide a creative design and a detailed spending budget with no obligation
  • We will respect your style and your needs; but we will also try to amaze you with 'out of the box' suggestions that so far have always exceeded the expectations of our most loyal customers
  • We select and involve our best partners to provide services: catering, venue, staff for the event, artistic cast, fittings, furnishings, and decorations
  • We oversee the entire planning and operational process, before, during, and after the event
  • We strive to implement the event just as you would have done it, with the same care and passion for details that you would have, allowing you to sleep peacefully and enjoy a successful "turnkey" project

Organizing an event means wanting to share something important with an internal or external audience: it can be an opportunity to establish relationships and spend time together on a special occasion you'll remember forever; the launch of a new product or a new business plan; a moment to reward staff for achieving goals and celebrate company performance targets; a charity fundraiser; a way to actively participate in trade fair events; an incentive trip for your employees; or even a wedding; an event can be all this and much more.