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A boat able to travel in time accompanied by an interactive book that will revisit the 170 year history of the Lugano Navigation Society (SNL).

DHF SA (who's team already materialized the app 'LugaNow') and SNL mean to push themselves beyond the limits of the imagination, building the first boat able to travel back in time. Jumping aboard the first vessel 'Italia', inside of which there will be installed appropriate technology, to enable the passenger to observe through the window not only the present view but also the Lugano of one hundred years back, Gandria at the time of the fishermen, Morcote at the start of the last century and so on. What we envision for the traveler is a realistic and accurate journey into the past, along with details and information that pertain to the location that is being visited...right in the center of Lake Ceresio.

To accompany the boat, the project includes the production of an interactive book that will retrace SNL's history dating back to when it was founded in 1848. In 2018 SNL will reach 170 years, a very important milestone to be rightfully celebrated with high regard: there are in fact many ancient documents preserved by SNL, which range from balance sheets to many different kinds. All testimonies that will live inside of this digital book, which will also have its paper counterpart of 170 pages, will be discovered through the augmented reality technology which will be utilized by personal smartphone or tablet.


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