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Blenio Viva Association

The BLENIO VIVA Association, "Villeggianti e Vallerani della valle di Blenio", was founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting contact and collaboration between the inhabitants and visitors of the Blenio Valley. The aim, shared, is to enhance and develop the natural, cultural and tourist heritage of the Valley, in a sustainable way and with the utmost respect for nature and the quality of life of the inhabitants and holidaymakers.

Moreover, the Association takes care of the interests of secondary house owners, tenants, hosts and visitors of the valley towards the authorities, public institutions and private organizations.

The Association promotes a platform for dialogue that is the driving force behind concrete actions in favour of the region in order to contribute to the creation and maintenance of structures of common interest, to the enhancement of the landscape and artistic heritage by favouring works of beautification and public utility, to collaboration in the organisation of events and events, as well as participating in the promotion of the valley.