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Augmented Reality for Team Building

"It’s not just Pokemon Go: augmented reality is entering the world of business training and events, with innovative applications for Team Building and Team Learning"

The worldwide success of Pokemon Go has unleashed augmented reality to the general public, although it was already being used years ago by a few giants of the world economy, like Pepsi and National Geographic, among others.
What was once the future of communication is now the present, and augmented reality has entered the business world through the main gates.

Thanks to its visual, emotional and interactional characteristics, “AR” (Augmented Reality) has found a wide range of applications in the communications field.

But what is augmented reality? What are its applications in the realm of events or training?
By Augmented Reality we mean the overlapping of three-dimensional digital content and information on top of real surroundings through the use of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, or via the use of latest-generation devices such as 3D glasses and visors.

This technique has a direct application in Team Building, which is defined as the moment-event for training, encouraging and strengthening group spirit and collaboration in the corporate team. By now, however, we have seen all types, forms and formats of these activities.

The new generation of Team Building proposed by Clublab is one which leverages Augmented Reality software applications to create company human resource training and learning (Team Learning) or motivational activities through the use of the most efficient and effective technologies.

For example, with AR we can affix 3D visual markers in several strategic points, indoors or outdoors, and these points can have interactive quizzes, animated books or virtual and immersive simulators inserted in them. You might even find yourself in a completely innovative and unseen activity, where (rather than chasing Pokemon) you will have to pass cognitive ability tests of the company brand, as a team or via a challenge format.

Associating internal Team Building or Team Learning with an Augmented Reality project exponentially increases the value of the brand. It may also be the right spark for getting the media to talk about us, and defining new frontiers for Brand Awareness.
Clublab organizes events focused on Augmented Reality, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and professionalism.

From the project customization to the creation of every operational aspect, no detail is left to chance: analyses of company communication and business objectives, creation of customized augmented reality, research and selection of the location, event planning, any related services such as catering and entertainment, and active technical support both during the preparation stage as well as during the event.

LOCATION: Anywhere. This activity can take place through the city streets, at the company headquarters of the client or in a selected location.
PERIOD: Always. With no seasonal limitations.
DURATION: Minimum two hours, but always with the possibility of being customized. Whether it be in a large group or a small group of participants, together we will create the right timing for the event.
GROUP SIZE: Minimum of 4 people, no maximum limit.