Image 0 - Aperitivo della Colombera

Aperitivo della Colombera

What could be better than finishing the working week with a moment of relaxation? Let yourself be pampered by good wine, good food and a unique location.

La Colombera began its history with the Tognetti family from the late 1980s. Already of peasant origin, Angela and Mario reunite the small paternal farms moving to the heart of Magadino’s Plan. The interest in biodiversity was born immediately and therefore, pioneers of organic in Ticino, they deal not only with animals and fields, but also with biotopes, hedges and groves, creating a harmonious ecosystem. At Colombera you can find cows, goats and dairy sheep. Thanks to the presence of the dairy, the cheese processing can be observed through the teaching wall. But there are also pigs, chickens, donkeys and horses.

PROPOSAL 1: tasting of the two Colombera wines CHF 20.

PROPOSAL 2: One glass of wine + mixed cheese platter CHF 25.

PROPOSAL 3: One glass of wine + mixed chopping board CHF 35.

About the experience:

  • Minimum 2 people maximum 20 people.
  • From 16:00 to 18:30.
  • Day: Friday night.
  • Weather: in case of bad weather is cancelled, agreement to follow with the manufacturer.
  • Reservation on Gastroturismo.ch, payment on site.
  • Make your reservation! We are waiting for you at the aperitif!