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Stay in Ticino until 31.10.2020 at a special price:
20% discount on the daily price in several hotels in the area.
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Special offer

Take advantage of the special offer: 20% discount on the daily price at several hotels in Ticino.


Feel the power of nature

It's time to refresh yourself. Inhale slowly, observe your surroundings and absorb the energy of a charming location.
Maybe at the top of a peak, or in the middle of a forest.
Discover the endless hiking and biking possibilities that this special place has to offer.

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Holidays are even more exciting when shared with a special person.
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Why Ticino is a safe travel destination

Wide spaces

4,000 km of hiking trails, 365 km of cycle paths, over 50% of Ticino is covered by forests, more than 120 km2 by lakes. In Ticino there is enough space to keep distances. The water of the rivers is crystal clear.


Clean and neat. Our tourism partners conscientiously implement the official guidelines. The safety of guests and employees is a priority. Thank you for your contribution.


You can spend your holidays in a Mediterranean environment, but as safe and secure as at home. Ticino is easy to get to, even without a plane. Instead of self-service buffets you will find regional dishes. The high safety standards of Switzerland are appreciated all over the world.

Travel responsibly

You can experience some unique moments and, at the same time, explore the region safely.
Follow some tips by the Swiss Confederation to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

City of Bellinzona

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