Ceneritrip Contest - terms and conditions

The contest takes place on the promotional campaign platform ticino.ch/ceneritrip and is organized by Ticino Turismo ("We"; Agenzia turistica ticinese SA, Bellinzona).

There are 4 editions of the competition, each dedicated to a different theme:

•    “Architecture” meetup with Philipp Heer
•    “Frozen in time” meetup with Sylvia Michel and Rasta
•    “Lifestyle” meetup with Dimitri and Mamiko from Newly Swissed
•    "Hiking” meetup with Jon Guler

Participation in the contest is free of charge and with no purchase obligation. Eligible to participate are natural persons residing in Switzerland or Liechtenstein who have reached the age of 18. Employees of Ticino Turismo and their relatives as well as all partners commissioned for the contest are excluded from participation.
In order to participate in the contest, participants must register via the online form, provide truthful and complete information and accept the terms of participation.

Duration and procedure
The 4 editions of the contest will take place as follows:

Start of the contest: Mar. 15    
End of the contest: Apr. 4
Announcement of the winners: Apr. 8
Meetup: Apr. 17

Frozen in time 
Start of the contest: Apr. 6
End of the contest: Apr. 25
Announcement of the winners: Apr. 29
Meetup: May 8

Start of the contest: May 17
End of the contest: Jun. 6
Announcement of the winners: Jun. 10
Meetup: Jun. 26

Start of the contest: Jun. 7
End of the contest: Jun. 26
Announcement of the winners: Jul. 1
Meetup: Jul. 9 -10

The winners will be selected by a three-member jury from Ticino Turismo based on their motivation and Instagram profiles. The jury's decisions are binding and cannot be appealed. 
The winners will be notified by email on the dates mentioned above. If the winners cannot be reached or do not respond within 72 hours of the prize notification, the claim to the prize will be forfeited and other participants will receive the prize.
We reserve the right to select alternate winners if we reasonably believe that the winners have violated the rules.

By participating, you agree that the personal data you provide may be collected, processed and used by the organizer for the purpose of conducting the competition.

The following prizes will be awarded among the participants in the competition after reviewing the documents: 5 participations in a meetup with Influencers in Ticino, including train ticket (round trip), lunch and activities for each program. The meetup lasts approximately from 10 am to 5 pm each day, except for the Hiking Meetup , which lasts from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. The overnight stay at Capanna Cadagno and the additional meals are included in the price.
The right to the prize cannot be transferred to anyone. There are no cash payments as substitutes or alternative prizes. 
In order to receive the prize, winners may be required to provide personal information (first and last name, address, email address, date of birth, food allergies, rail travelcard, etc.).
Only one prize is allowed per participant. Once a participant has been selected by the judges to participate in a meetup, he or she may not participate in subsequent meetups.

Other terms and conditions
The winners agree to be photographed and filmed during the meetup in Ticino and for the material produced to be published on the promotional channels of Ticino Turismo and those of the meetup participants (influencers and winners).

The participants undertake to send Ticino Turismo a selection of the photos taken during the meetup within two weeks after the meetup. By providing the photographic material, the participants authorize Ticino Turismo to use their images without restriction as to time or place for the promotion of Ticino as a vacation and convention destination (for press productions, web, apps, newsletters, e-boards and advertising campaigns, social media, internal platforms of Ticino Turismo and its tourism partners). 

We and our partners disclaim any liability as far as possible and legally permissible for any damage suffered by any person as a result of or in connection with the contest.
We reserve the right to adjust, change or cancel the contest if the need arises. Likewise, we reserve the right to change the contest, entry or selection rules, etc. at any time. Cancellation for good cause may occur in particular if proper implementation of the contest can no longer be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.

Ticino Turismo guarantees that the meeting will be organized in compliance with all COVID 19 regulations in force in Ticino and will do its best to ensure a compliant execution. Participants agree to comply with all applicable regulations, in particular the observance of social distancing and the wearing of masks.