100% Ticino Challenge: What is it?

Your experience

Will your video attract the most interest? Will your experience win you a prize? The 100% Ticino Challenge project wants to make you an ambassador for Ticino. Switzerland’s southernmost canton has surprises around every corner, with unexpected pleasures everywhere you go. This is why we will provide you with a GoPro and drone and ask you to describe one of your own personal experiences.

100% on the paths of Ticino
100% let's go
100% Walk with llamas
100% at table
100% tra le nuvole

An early morning coffee, doing up your walking boots, getting into the cableway that will take you up to the peak, your descent along the footpaths through the woods and the meal of cold meats and cheeses you treat yourself to at the hut: all these elements go towards creating your own unique and unparalleled experience! Film them all and then give us the videos and the equipment we lent you to make them: we’ll create a film that is as exclusive and exciting as your experience.

But that’s not all. You could also win one of the great prizes up for grabs.