100% Ticino Challenge

The challenge is over!

Getting off the beaten track on your bike, enjoying a barbecue with friends, jumping into a river, glimpsing a village at the bottom of a valley, spending a perfect summer evening listening to live music beneath the stars... Ticino never fails to surprise with all sorts of unexpected opportunities and unforgettable moments.

The 100% Ticino Challenge project has transformed hundreds of people into Ticino’s ambassadors. A GoPro, a Fusion rather than a drone was enough for each of you to create your own experience, enhancing both the richness and beauty of our territory and the life and culture of Ticino.

The result? The publication of 1 video everyday for 100 days straight. More than 1.5 Million total views, through the Social Medias of our territory!

Live your experience choosing from all those that we offer on this page ... Watch your own Ticino!


It's often the little moments that make you feel the most.