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Canyonland Ticino RIC 2018

From 25 August to 2 September 2018 Ticino is hosting the first meeting for autonomous canyoneers in Switzerland: CANYONLAND - Ticino RIC 2018. The canton has been defined as the Canyoning Eldorado by Anna and Luca Nizzola, in their book devoted to canyoning in our area.

RIC stands for "Rassemblement International Canyoning". It is the world meeting for canyoneers from the 5 continents and is supported by the International Federation of Canyoning (IFC). The RIC is organized every year in a different country boasting a particularly suitable landscape for the sport.

Ticino's morphological characteristics brought the IFC to select CANYONLAND's first edition as the RIC for 2018, an absolute first and a great honor for Ticino and Switzerland.

Our spectacular valleys will be the perfect  playground for local and worldwide canyoneers, allowing them to literally plunge into nature.

The hub of the meeting will be Tenero, where lodgings and the base camp will be located. Ticino's landscape, already internationally renowned for its beauty, variety and concentration of canyons, will capture all participants, who will have a lot of fun discovering the beauties of the region.

At the base camp village in Tenero, there will be stalls  and events  to offer all curious visitors as well as habitual or expert canyoneers, the opportunity to discover and get closer to this sport. In addition, tours will be offered, organized by specialized guides who are active in the area.

The 500 lucky canyoneers who will obtain their Canyonland passes will take part in this traditional gathering, an unforgettable experience that offers the chance to travel, explore new territories and get to know new people, all while practicing this wonderful sport.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to slide through the valleys of Eldorado Ticino!


More info: www.canyonland.ch


Pictures by Alexander Arnold.



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