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Shopping in Ticino

Mass purchases or targeted searches. Every request is satisfied in Ticino. From the shopping centre to the small store. From the everyday items to the local products. This is where trade and tradition meet. A short distance on foot, among captivating shop windows which display every kind of article.

Shopping in Lugano is done in Via Nassa, where the brand becomes a status symbol, even an extra-luxury status symbol. A cult location for local inhabitants and for tourists, from any part of the world.

Assistance, courtesy and expertise, which make it fascinating to buy a watch in Lugano in the best Swiss tradition.

The other centres are of equal standing. Bellinzona, Ascona and Locarno each offer their added value in the squares, in the alleys and narrow streets which lead to the centre or to the lake front. There are market stalls in every square, where everything can be found. Rare books cartoon strips which are impossible to find, vintage records, clothing and many other items.

Beauty, creativity, colours, exclusivity: the handcrafted products originating from Ticino have no boundaries. Ticino craftspeople produce objects of great quality with their own hands using different materials while always remaining open to innovations, but with due consideration for rural tradition: the famous small wooden clogs, the renowned small ceramic jugs, the comfortable straw-seat chairs and the warm wool fabrics.

Shopping Centres are equally in demand and are splendidly supplied, in a Ticino that is a precursor of the times. For example, in Mendrisio, where an "outlet centre" has been built a short distance from the Motorway: FoxTown, the best and the most famous brands can be found here and are sold at astonishing prices. The goods are sold to a general public that arrives on purpose from the 5 continents.