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The Verzasca Valley trail

One of the best 12 excursions in Switzerland!

The trail runs the whole length of the Verzasca Valley, first running along the artificial lake of Vogorno and then along the river. It is easy, almost flat and can be interrupted at any point by crossing one of the numerous bridges, which lead over to the main road and access to the post bus. You can leave from Mergoscia, which offers a splendid view of the Maggiore and Vogorno lakes, arriving in Corippo with its enchanting architectural style. You can also take the trail on the other side of the valley, taking the path above the dam, near Selvatica, running high above the lake to arrive in Vogorno, a village made up of many hamlets on the hillside. Visit the oldest church in the valley, which dates back to the 13th century, in San Bartolomeo. Take in the "Ponte dei Salti" (the jumping bridge) in Lavertezzo, a medieval double-arched construction, which is mistakenly said to be Roman: the clear green river water has sculpted the massive rock formations, above which towers the steep wall of the "Poncione d'Alnasca". Around Brione there are enormous rocks from a prehistoric landslide with fantastically beautiful shapes and colors: a geologist's paradise. The Marcacci Castle in Brione was long ago the summer residence of this Locarno family. In the parish church there are frescoes from the 13th c done by a student of the Giotto school in Rimini. The valley widens here, leading to the typical villages of Gerra and Frasco.
The trail ends in Sonogno with its Museum of the Valley, the old oven, which is still in operation today, and Pro Verzasca's "Wool Center" where authentic handmade products are sold.