Image 0 - Traversata Monte Tamaro - Monte Lema

Traversata Monte Tamaro - Monte Lema

Due to snowfall, the Tamaro-Lema, Tamaro-Arosio mountain Crossing  are closed.


A spectacular hike bridging civilization and wild valleysThe Tamaro-Lema hike between Ticino and Italy can be tackled in either direction and is one of the most beautiful hikes in the whole pre-alpine region. The amazing panoramic views from this ridge cover Lake Maggiore, the Centovalli, the Maggia Valley, the Verzasca Valley and Locarno to Bellinzona to the north and Lugano and its valleys and lake to the south, with the Alps, with Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn, providing an awe-inspiring backdrop.

Important information:

Walking time: roughly 4½ hours

Difficulty: moderate

Walkers are advised to wear mountain clothing and hiking boots and to take plenty of fluids (1 liter bottle).

Map obtainable from the cableway station ticket offices.
Accommodation available at the Vetta Monte Lema restaurant.

At the ticket office, ask for a combined Tamaro-Lema ticket which comes in 2 versions:
1) Tamaro journey up + Lema journey down + Miglieglia-Rivera connecting bus
2) Tamaro journey up + Lema journey down

The combined Tamaro Lema ticket with special bus service is available until 11.30 a.m.
The special bus service organized by Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema is assured only for holders of combined tickets purchased at the Monte Tamaro and Monte Lema ticket offices by 11.30 a.m.

Alternative service: the Miglieglia-Lamone postbus – www.autopostale.ch and Lamone-Rivera regional trains, Rivera-Bironico station www.ffs.ch www.ffs.ch

Shuttlebus timetable:
Miglieglia (cableway): dep. 5.15 p.m.
Rivera (Tamaro): arr. 5:50 p.m.

Rivera (Tamaro): dep. 6.00 p.m.
Miglieglia (cableway): arr. 6.40 p.m.