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The Joëlette is a one-wheel all-terrain chair with handles in the front and in the back, a suspension and various accessories studied to facilitate the access for people with disabilities to mountain trails which are not accessible with regular wheelchairs. From April to the end of November, Joëlettes can be rented for excursions across this wonderful Park accessible to everybody!

Additional information
At least 3 people per user are required to lead a Joëlette: one in the front, one in the back and one on the side. Following safety training and instructions on how to lead a Joëlette is mandatory, unless the person accompanying the user has had previous training. The Joëlette is available at the departure time and location of the excursion.

Contact (rental requests must be made at least two days prior to the excursion)



  • Handing-over and return of the vehicle, leading and safety training (about 1:30h): CHF 200.-.
  • Daily rental per Joëlette: CHF 50.-.
  • Daily rental for electric Joëlette: CHF 75.-.

April - November