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The AET (Azienda Elettrica Ticinese), the tourist offices in Bellinzona, Gambarogno, Levantina Tenero and Valle Verzasca, Camping Campofelice Tenero and Infopoints Bignasco (Vallemaggia) invite you to discover our magnificent Canton for an unforgettable experience with the electric vehicles!

And thanks to the Alpmobil fleet-, you will have the opportunity to discover the region in a flexible and environmentally friendly way. And while enjoying the view, it may happen that you think you are giving a contribution in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness: good, you're on your way! The electromobility combines the comfort of individual mobility, the use of renewable energies and attention to the environment. Electric cars of today are not only suitable for city traffic, but also to challenging mountain roads at a distance of about 100 km.

In the Sopraceneri Region during the summer season the cars will be available to the visitors to the electrical cost of 39 francs per day that can be collected and returned at the "MovePoints” listed in this brochure. Reservations can be made to that offices, by phone or e-mail. To rent an electric car, you must have a valid license.

Per day - Fr. 39.-