Image 0 - MNE Ceresio 1931
Image 1 - MNE Ceresio 1931
Image 2 - MNE Ceresio 1931
Image 3 - MNE Ceresio 1931

MNE Ceresio 1931

The motorship Ceresio 1931 is part of an ambitious project of electrification of navigation on the lakes of Ticino for environmental protection and boasts several records. In addition to being the first Swiss electric motor vessel with fast recharge and zero emissions, and the first electric motor vessel operating daily for passenger transport, it is also the first retrofitting realized to accommodate a fully electric propulsion.

Following the inauguration of the MNE Ceresio 1931 the Navigation Company of Lake Lugano (SNL) presents the introduction of the "Green line" run. This is the first 100% electric line of the city of Lugano, which will connect the districts and hamlets of Gandria and San Rocco, thanks to circular connections during the day.

The "Green Line" will be active from Tuesday, November 2 until December 11, 2021, Monday through Friday, and then will be validated a further timetable to strengthen the existing runs. 


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