The discovery of a beautiful region

Young ambassadors of tourism in Ticino

During Lingue & Sport 2015 (language and sport courses during the summer holidays), 350 teenagers discovered some of the most suggestive places of Ticino. Thanks to Rodolfo Scapozza and other experts, the participants were encouraged to see Ticino with new eyes.

27 of these places are not well-known by many tourists that visit Ticino, therefore the local artist Gabriele Genini sketched them, and the young participants completed his work with watercolour pencils. This brought to a series of unique postcards, sent many to friends of Ticino all over Switzerland, in order to encourage them to discover the hidden treasures of the region.

The quality of the results, the professionalism of the promoters, and especially the enthusiasm of the teenagers who participated to the courses, drove Ticino Turismo to valorise the beautiful postcards, giving them more visibility through this web page.

Creative workshop

Young artists working under the careful supervision of Gabriele Genini.

The postcards

27 illustrated postcards to discover the hidden treasures of Ticino

Monte Carasso, Bellinzona


The old settlement of “Curzútt” (600m above sea level).

The Tibetan bridge “Carasc” (270 meters long) spans the Sementina Valley.

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View of the church Santa Maria.

The Holy Week processions, which are documented as far back as the beginning of the 17th century, make their way through the old town streets.

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Lavertezzo, Verzasca Valley


It’s the smallest village in Switzerland (12 inhabitants).
Contra’s dam is the fourth-highest dam in Switzerland (220m) with a permanent Bungee Jumping platform which is among the highest in the world.

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Artore, Bellinzona

ARTORE (Bellinzona)

Sasso Corbaro Castle (1478). Since 2000 it's included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

San Sebastiano church (XII century-1858). One detail of the mosaic, placed on the church front wall.

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Alpe Pertusio, Blenio Valley



Pizzo Colombe (2545 m).

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Santa Petronilla waterfall.

Via Crucis (1742-1998).

The Saints Pietro and Paolo’s church. The mother-church of the three Ambrosian valleys (Leventina, Blenio, Riviera).

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