Colors of Ticino

Big emotions are colorful: Ticino Camellia Pink, Ticino Chestnut Brown, Bellinzona Fortress Grey, Valle di Blenio Sunrise Yellow, Brissago Blue, Mogno Marble White, Lugano Sunset Orange, Gandria Olive Green, Valle di Muggio Green, Mendrisiotto Wine Red.

In Ticino, colors generate a great experience and small moments of happiness: the joy of its deep blue waters, the romanticism of its sunset and dawns, and the bright pink of its flowers. The region is packed with eye-catching gems, like the white marble of the local architecture, the characteristic green of the olive trees and their fruits, the deep red of a glass of wine and the brown of fragrant roasted chestnuts. Discover the path undertaken to identify the colors of Ticino through the explanations of Multicolor Architect Eleonora Castagnetta and plan your stay thanks to a special offer.

Ticino’s colors have a name


Exceptional emotions can most accurately be described through exclusive colors. In partnership with Pantone Color Institute, 10 colors representing Ticino and its wide range of experiences have been identified: Ticino Camellia Pink, Ticino Chestnut Brown, Bellinzona Fortress Grey, Valle di Blenio Sunrise Yellow, Brissago Blue, Mogno Marble White, Lugano Sunset Orange, Gandria Olive Green, Valle di Muggio Green and Mendrisiotto Wine Red.

Colors and places to be experienced thanks to a special offer

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Ideas for a unique experience in Ticino.