See the world. Visit Ticino - welcome!

One canton, countless small moments

In the south of the Alps there is an exotic corner
where you can experience new emotions in an inspiring environment.
Now we can finally say: welcome to Ticino!

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Stay in Ticino until 31.10.2020 at a special price:
20% discount on the daily price in several hotels in the area.
You can also benefit from our special packages and enjoy a great experience.

Special offer

Take advantage of the special offer: 20% discount on the daily price at several hotels in Ticino.


Special packages

Stay in Ticino and benefit from a unique offer thanks to special packages with overnight stay including an added value.


Exotic close by

Enjoy the sun of Rio de Janeiro, the rushing waterfalls of Mexico, the clear water of Oman's refreshing oases.
And without the need to take a plane.
We have selected some places that will surprise you.

Feel the power of nature

Whether you prefer to get on your bike or take a walk looking at the scenery around you,
Ticino gives you a perfect experience in nature.
Maybe at the top of a peak, or in the middle of a forest.
Discover the endless hiking and biking possibilities that this special place has to offer.

Greet a friend

Holidays are even more exciting when shared with a special person.
Choose the picture of a location in Ticino as background,
send a personalised greeting and start to imagine your stay together.

What can you visit and when?

Since June 6, the Federal council has eased the measures 
on what is allowed in Switzerland.
With regard to the tourism sector, all details are provided on this link.

Clean & Safe

The country’s tourism service providers are also taking special measures to protect their guests,
ensuring they enjoy their stay.
Ticino Turismo supports the "Clean & Safe" campaign for holidays in total safety.

Why Ticino is a safe travel destination


Ideas for a unique experience in Ticino.