Olivone - Pass of Lucomagno

Departure in Olivone in front of the Blenio Turismo office at 889 m above sea level. After 6 km you reach Camperio, than you continue in direction of Centro Nordico in Campra, of international level known. After a short flat distance you arrive at Pian Segno (km 15). Passing Centro Pro Natura Lucomagno in Acquacalda you get into the region of pines, an idyllic area which leads on a flat trail to Casaccia. Now it continues with a soft ascent till the pass of Lucomagno at 1902 m above sea level. The countryside of Lucomango is seen as an area of extraordinary contents with important biological, historical and cultural meanings.
Difference of level: 1,026 m
Maximum altitude: 1,910 mslm.
Distance: 18.7 km
Lenght: 2.5 h
Region: Valle di Blenio
Departure: Olivone, office of Blenio Turismo
Locations situated along the path: Olivone - Camperio - Piera - Campra - Segno - Acquacalda - Passo del Lucomagno
Track: Cycling tour
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