Airolo - Biasca

You start in Airolo (1141 m above sea level) point of departure for numerous trails and place for skiing. Biking towards south you pass Piotta, known for the cable railway of Ritom (one of the most steep of the world) and then Piotta. In Rodi-Fiesso (950 m above sea level) you find the Dazio Grande, and afterwards the street goes down the «step» of Piottino, taking you to Faido (715 m above sea level), known for the waterfall of Piumogna. You get then over the difference in altitude from Biaschina, coming to Giornico, where you find important references of the past like the roman church of San Nicola. After the village of Bodio, you enter Pollegio, where there is the Infocentro AlpTransit and it's excavations of the longest railway tunnel of the world.
Difference of level: 36 m
Maximum altitude: 1,159 mslm.
Distance: 38.4 km
Lenght: 3.5 h
Region: Riviera (Biasca)
Departure: Airolo, railway station
Locations situated along the path: Airolo - Piotto - Ambri -Fiesso - Faido - Chiggiogna - Lavorgo - Giornico - Pollegio - Biasca
Track: Cycling tour
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