Mendrisiotto Region

Ente Turistico del Mendrisiotto e Basso Ceresio

A dynamic region in a scenic landscape that will surprise you over and over with its outstanding tradition of cuisine and much more. From the sparkling lake to the majestic mountains and many vineyards – you’ll discover an abundance of unique cultural, culinary and shopping experiences!

Not to be missed

Lido Comunale Riva San Vitale
Selected in the top ten public bathing areas in Switzerland.
Fossil Museum
A dip in the 240 million old sea at the new fossil museum.
Mulino di Bruzella
The mill has been recently restored, it is near the Breggia river.

Cement itinerary
An extremely engaging route, given the impressiveness of the natural setting.
FoxTown Factory Stores
FoxTown, the biggest factory-stores-center in Southern Europe.

Archaeological site in Tremona
The small village of Tremona, has become known for its archaeological excavations.

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