Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino

Bellinzona Turismo

A city from ancient history, Bellinzona proudly exhibits the signs of a territorial evolution to be discovered and appreciated. Between flatlands and high hills, it's delightful to enter this location where old and new coexist perfectly.

Biasca e Riviera Turismo

The Valle Riviera offers the opportunity to make magnificent alpine journeys and to visit the interesting monuments and historical remains which are reminders of an important past.

Blenio Turismo

The Valle di Blenio, genuine and sun-kissed Valley. The valley is a large park of natural interest with a rich historical and cultural heritage.

Leventina Turismo

Take your time when visiting the Leventina valley, and be guided by the strange effect of time in this region, because as you travel up you climb 800 metres and go from spring to mid-winter in just over half an hour.
Nature and sport. History and culture. Fine cuisine and local products.

Not to be missed

The market of Bellinzona
Traditional Saturday morning market in the historic center with typical local products, from 08.00 to 13.00 AM.
Dazio Grande
A carefully restored customhouse, at the mouth of the historic road leading to St. Gotthard.
Chiesa dei SS. Pietro e Paolo
Romanesque church of Saints Peter and Paul in Biasca. The church is a national monument.
Infocentro AlpTransit Pollegio
At the Infocentre visitors have the possibility to visit free of charge the multimedia exhibition.
Media Blenio Tour, Dongio
Tour Media Blenio in Dongio: international race.
Sasso San Gottardo
The importance of the road across the St. Gotthard, has been known for centuries.

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