Open wine cellars days

ome to the wineries to taste the best wines the region has to offer. For some years now, many of Ticino's wine producers have been opening their doors, with justifiable pride, to show visitors the products of their work. Tasting is permitted of the local Merlots as well as innovative combinations and experiments (dessert wines, ancient rediscovered vines and much more).

Accompanied by cheeses, cold meats and music, Ticino's best wines blossom!
Ticinowine, sensitive to ecological issues, organized together with RailAway and PostBus a service of circular busses, which tour between the various cellars adhering to the event. This service allows the visitors travelling by train and those, who don't want to use their own car, to move without problems betwenn the cellars.

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Event info

In tutto il Ticino/Im ganzen Tessin/Dans tout le Tessin/In all the region
Tel.: +41 91 690 13 53
Fax: +41 91 690 13 54


Dal 24.05.2014
Al 25.05.2014
Sat... Sun: 10.00-18.00