Would you like to embrace with one look the highlights of Switzerland? Well, this is possible if you come to SWISSMINIATUR. There are many ways to look at things.

You can go on top of Mount San Salvatore, look down and follow the slim curve of the bridge of Melide, watching cars and trains like ants cross the lake You might then go down to Melide, and step into the fascinating world of SWISSMINIATUR: peaks of the majestic Swiss Alps within the reach of your hands, surprisingly prefect remakes of famous buildings in miniature, lakes so lovely to inspire romantic thoughts, scale models of trains, funiculars and cableways to make you dream of future trips. Now, imagine all this among thousands of fragrant flowers of over 15'000 sorts: a colourful palette in a sea of greenery to enjoy and refresh your eyes SWISSMINIATUR, Switzerland in miniature, offers you all this and more.

Created in 1959, this park is thought to show its visitors places, buildings and traditions of Switzerland without hurry, slowing down the steadily growing rhythm of our lives.

You can reach SWISSMINIATURE with any kind of locomotion. The area expands over 14'000 square meters and offers facilities to satisfy the various needs of any single visitor we are lucky to welcome: a playground for kids, a restaurant with its terrace, serving local, Chinese and Indian cuisine and a boutique full of funny souvenirs.

The staff of SWISSMINIATUR is looking forward to welcome you, happy to give you magic moments of pleasure.



  • 27.10. - 14.12.2014 - Monday - Sunday: 13.00 -16.00
  • 15.12.2014 – 11.01.2015 CLOSED
  • 12.01.2015 – 13.03.2015 - Monday - Sunday: 13.00 – 16.00    (Restaurant open only for group, reservation required)     


  • From March 14 2015
  • From 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
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Via Cantonale 3
6815 Melide
Tel.: +41 91 640 10 60
Director: Vuigner Dominique

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