Skiing in Airolo-Lüina

Lüina is a sunny paradise with something to offer everyone but especially kids: a button lift (40 m long), conveyor belt (60 m) and a telebob for sledges and snowtubing (100 m). Lüina features an artificial snow system and equipment for night skiing. Buvette for drinks on site and of course, rental equipment is available too (skis, ski boots and sticks).

In addition, the Airolo-San Gottardo section of the Swiss Ski & Snowboard School have set up a special Kids Village for toddlers, offering all the necessary facilities for youngsters first contact with Winter sports.

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 13.30 - 16.00
Friday: 19.30 - 21.30 ca.
Saturday: 9.00 - 16.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 16.00
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6780 Airolo
Tel.: +41 79 321 01 96
Fax: +41 91 869 20 40

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