Welcome to the eLearning Platform of Switzerland’s sunny south, Ticino!

This platform will help you plan your customer’s vacation and get acquainted with Ticino, Switzerland’s southernmost region, where Italian lifestyle meets Swiss quality in a stunning setting of scenic mountains, gleaming lake, charming stone-houses villages and palm trees.


5 interactive and brief modules will help you learn about Ticino in an enjoyable way.


The first module will give you a detailed overview of the Ticino region, while the other 4 will focus on several topics useful to plan and sell trips to Ticino:


  • “Discover Ticino”
  • “Selling tips”
  • “Culture and events”
  • “Excursions and nature”
  • “Rivers and lakes"


Each module requires approximately 10 minutes of study. In order to receive the Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist certificate, you’ll have to pass the final exam by answering correctly 10 questions. You may have a maximum of 3 attempts. Once you have successfully completed the exam, you will become a Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist and you will be able to download your certificate. Up to 10 Ticino Certified Travel Specialists will be eligible to participate in an annual study trip to Ticino.


Why to sign up?


  • It’s free of charge
  • It’s an enjoyable and quick course to complete
  • To become a Ticino Switzerland Travel Specialist; your client will give you credit for it!


Get acquainted with Ticino! Boost your business!